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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hitler was always a jackass.

A post about Japan's weirdness, but before that my day. My day was unfathomably boring and painful. I fell off my bike yesterday scratched up my hands and my left shoulder. They stung and throbbed all day, it drove me crazy. Football in P.E was especially painful, it may not have been tackling but trying to catch the ball with my hands like this = OWWW! Whatever happy randomly improvised Japan weirdness day.
Like that last picture said... no further description required. Have an Ok day. And here are your stick figures.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Jet Li

Yes this has... almost happened to me.

It's his B-day lol. Anyway today was awful boring. We had to do P.E outside. It was raining a bit... that sucked. In other news there's... nothing. Hmmm well I drew a stick figure cartoon. My biology teacher told us he went skydiving with his wife, lucky, I'm way to anti-suicidal to attempt such things. Go watch Jet Li's movies if you haven't, one of his best is Fearless. Whatever happy B-day Jet Li... here's some demotivation.
From Now on I will also be posting pictures from a website called on here, stick figures for the win.
Have an Ok day.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hubble space telescope's 20th anniversary

Internet meme drop ftw.

Well today is Hubble's B-day. Too bad there will be no cake cause he's a telescope. But anyway this telescope has given us many amazing pictures of the universe throughout its life. Today we shall celebrate our insignificance in this unfathomably large universe. If you still don't get how puny you are click on this next picture.
You don't even register after a while. We cannot comprehend the sheer scale of the universe. Here's some anime based demotivation.

Have an Ok day. Oh I also edited my fish for today, they're stars now.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Shakespeare's birthday


It's Shakespeare's birthday. I feel I should celebrate the birth of the the man that would torture high school students like me for decades with his plays. So many of his characters off themselves, it's amazing.Shakespeare does have one crowning moment of awesome in one of his plays though. In 'The Winter's Tale' The villain is given one last stage direction. 'Exit, pursued by bear.' How awesome is that? Also to make it even greater the bear is totally random. There were bear pits near his theater so Shakespeare decided to use one just 'cause he could. The bear just comes outta nowhere and chases the guy off the stage.
Beware the bears for you are tasty and good with ketchup.

Anyways Here's some more demotivation.
Have an Ok day.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why are THEY here.

The Westboro Baptist church, if you want to know. They're picketing in my state for the next two days. I really extremely dislike these people. If you don't know who they are... then sit back while I rant. They basically believe everyone but them is going to Hell. Are you a self proclaimed Christian? You're going to hell. Are you mourning a family member lost in the war? You shouldn't he's going to hell... and you are too. They basically all say thank God for (insert terrible tragedy here)!. Besides being hate mongers, They are also SCARY beyond all reason. I mean just look at Shirley Phelps here.
Now that is scary. They all carry signs around like these.
So....yeah. That's right God hates everyone. I am sorely tempted to make a sign that says God hates hypocrites and stand next to them. I mean Shirley there had a child out of wedlock... seriously. But God forgives her cause she's special and feels remorse. How in the Hell does she still go around today calling people whores and sinners! These people also break that commandment "Love Thy Neighbor." Oh well I can't stop them, though I think no one would mind if I chased them out of the state with an ax.
Oh well time to spread some love to wash out the bad taste of those people. Time to say AWWW...
Have an Ok day... and go tick off some WBC nuts for the bunny.

EARTH... day

Today... if I had a cactus.

Well today I went to clubs. Our school has clubs every Thursday. I'm in gametastic, which is simply where you play board games for 48 minutes straight. I also discovered that teachers don't care about the school's rule that you can't wear coats in class. I have some more demotivation today.
Also as today is EARTH day I am obliged to insert my pessimistic ideals here. Just because you shut off your lights for five minutes does not mean you've saved the Earth. Just because you save a couple of trees by chaining yourself to them...
Does not mean that nature will grant you some sort of mercy. Nature is out to destroy us.

Happy EARTH day.