Monday, August 30, 2010


Well I read my mom's post and well Damn. Life can seem so cruel sometimes. Although I may be pessimistic I am Christian and deaths of any sort are awful. Arghhh I'm so depressed now... I need to vent sadness. Ermmmm.... Need.Pessimistic.Thoughts.Hmmm not distracting enough. Oh! I know! I made characters for each of my emotions, you can check those out!

Leila is my faith sometimes she's nervous but overall she is strong.
Risa is my affection, you may be surprised to know she gets used a lot.

Opal is my longing.

Victoria is my disappointment. She is quite childish and hates Opal.

Alyssa my zest or excitement.
Angel my conscience who nags me in a voice that sounds like an older version of me.

Sarah is my enthrallment, she's rather childish.

Jewel is my pride, my very annoying pride.

Anise my envy, I've always wanted red hair *sigh*.
Carol she is my neglect.Daedra is the physical embodiment of my sadness...yay?

Maria Bloodwell is my willpower. She never wavers.

Lisa is my suffering, she gets pretty beat up, but she has it better than many.

Elise is my disgust with things in general.

Emily is my cheerfulness... she doesn't get a lot of exercise.

Emma, my surprise.

Eris is my horror... don't ask.

Selene Marvette is my greed. She is well meaning but often walks all over people for what she wants without realizing it.

Felicity is my contentment... I don't think she gets a strenuous workout either.

Gina is torment... I'll have to admit I probably use her occasionally.

Grace is my rage, she's currently contained in a box.

Hana is my optimism... I think she's gone missing at the moment.

Hayley is my nervousness/worry, I think I give her far too much exercise.

Penelope is my relief, she's probably the only thing that can calm down Hayley.

Iris is my sympathy, and she has grown a bit over the past few years. She's still rather young though.

Theresa my irritation, she gets heavy use in most situations.

Isabell is my exasperation.

Ivanna, my shame/embarrassment surprisingly she gets good use.

And of course last but not least, Seras, my pessimism. She is basically the mascot for my blog... say hi! Anyway have a death-free ok day.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Extermely funny

Today was.... really boring. we did literally nothing in school today. Luckily when I got home I discovered some really funny stuff enjoy.

Kesesesesese best video ever lol. Anyway I was thinking today about what the most awesome anime characters were so I'll list my top 5.

5. Kakashi from Naruto, Man I don't even watch this show and he looks awesome.

4. Undertaker from Kuroshitsuji, he's crazy which just makes it better.

3. Saya from Blood+ , she's badass2. Prussia from Axis Powers Hetalia, the only ex nation that gets to still walk around. Also the only Albino in the show.1. Alucard from Hellsing, holy shit this guy is scary, but awesome... yeah mostly awesome.

Would you believe that that's the GOOD guy?Anyways back to the funny stuff, have more old spice commercials, these things are the best.

Lol he's better than Chuck Norris. Anyway have an ok day.