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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Woohoo epicly long post!

Ok let's get this puppy started. First up it's September 17th tomorrow which means it's the day the constitution was signed in 1787. In fact I'll just list some important events that happened this weekend.
September 17th:
1814-Francis Scott Key finishes star spangled banner
1976- First space shuttle 'enterprise' unveiled by NASA
And it is National heroes day in Angola

September 18th:
1934- USSR admitted to league of nations
1974- hurricane Fifi strikes Honduras
1990- Liechtenstein admitted to the U.N

September 19th:
1952- America bans Charlie Chaplin from coming back after a trip to England Lol
1909- Ferry Porsche born (yup the dude that invented the Porsche! )
1928- Adam West born (he's 81 now)
It is also international talk like a pirate day make sure to celebrate!

And now a list of countries you've probably never heard of.

Dominica(No not the Dominican republic :p)
East Timor
The Gambia
Marshall Islands (Didn't know it was its own country did ya?)
Saint Kitts and Nevis
São Tomé and Príncipe
Vatican City(Yep it is its own sovereign nation)
Also Taiwan is not recognized as its own country funny eh?

Another interesting fact is North Korea does not recognize South Korea's delegate in the U.N, But neither South Korea OR Japan recognize North Korea's. Woot Japan-1 N. Korea-0

Now for loads of Demotivation!

Now that you're done with those, check out these 2 videos!

and this one

Improv everywhere, they're awesome. Have an OK day.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Hello comrades I hope you are all quite aware you will all become one with mother Russia da?
Heh I was just thinking... I have more to thank communists for than my own president. I can thank communists for a day off of school and an interesting chapter in my history book. I can thank Obama for... um... screwing shit up? Golfing? Trying to pass laws no one wants passed?
Allowing whales to be hunted again? Yeah. Oh well at least ,hopefully, he'll be gone in 2012. Oh you should totally watch this Axis Powers Hetalia episode! You'll need to switch to fullscreen. It's one of the Icons that pop up on the load bar.

Heh poor Italy. Anyways have some funny pics.dosvedanya! (look it up)