Saturday, October 30, 2010

Almost Halloween!

It's tomorrow YAAY!! Halloween is great and today I'm gonna leave you with loads of demotivation.

You'll have to click on this next one to read it properly

You'll probably have to click on this next one as well.

Friday, October 29, 2010

F*** Barack Obama

Barack Hussein Obama II is the 44th and current President of the United States. He is the first African American to hold the office. He's also a total jackass. The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to U.S. President Barack Obama "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples." Yay bullshit! He hadn't even really done anything at this point. I don't mean to sound racist but I think he got it for being the first black president... but hey that's just my opinion. Anyway guess where Barack is right now? He's not in the White House doing his JOB like he's supposed to. No he's in New Jersey campaigning because he knows the Democrats are screwed this time around. In fact, he's NEVER IN THE WHITE HOUSE. He's always off in some foreign country, campaigning, or GOLFING! What the hell is wrong with this man? Let's close Guantanamo bay! Is it closed? NO. I'll end don't ask don't tell in the military! Is it ended? NO. I'll pull all the troops out of Iraq! Are they all pulled out? NO. I'll put better effort into Afghanistan. Did I make an actual effort? NO. Also just for kicks I'll make it legal to hunt whales, seriously suggest that we should add another month onto the school year, try to force a health care bill that would only screw up our economy further, TELL THE ISRAELI PRESIDENT WHAT TO SAY, and blame everyone but myself for my screw ups. What's next? Let's go shoot puppies! Why is he trying to piss EVERYONE off!? This man is a F****ing douchebag, who doesn't know what he's trying to accomplish. He also goes around saying WE just don't understand. You know what? NO I DON'T UNDERSTAND OBAMA, EXPLAIN TO ME WHAT THE HELL YOU ARE DOING! I also hate it when you say you disagree with him, that means you're racist. Well to make one thing perfectly clear, I couldn't give a Damn if he were Kenyan, Russian , Chinese, Japanese, Finnish, German, Mexican, English, French, A stalker, Gay, straight, A woman, crazy, mute, deaf, blind, handicapped, Muslim, Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist, Mormon, A Jehovah's Witness, scary beyond all reason, or an ALIEN FROM OUTER SPACE! IF THE PERSON DID THE JOB CORRECTLY! I WOULD SUPPORT THEM! Fwew. Ok rant done... have an ok day, unless you're Barack Obama. If so have a HORRIBLE CRAPTASTIC DAY! YOU DESERVE IT!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We interrupt our regularly scheduled Halloween post to bring you Daft Punk! These guys are the definition of cool. And I must say they have the most awesome helmets on the planet!

They even do their concerts awesomely.

They are the kings of catchy repetitive songs. They started in 1993 and grew in popularity. Their actual identities are Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter. But hey don't let me speak for them check out their songs.


Can't forget

and a final two samples

These guys are great, they pretty much set the basis for their genre. They are also writing the soundtrack to the Tron movie coming out this December 17th. I really want to see that movie now. Now all I wonder now is, can I make one of those helmets? Have an ok day.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Too tired to post anything have an awesome danish song. (Listen to it. It's good!)

Translation: roughly
You vote red
But you show black
You say we should be tolerant
But you easily blow up
And I’m really tired of bullshit(x3)

You only watch “Glamour”
But want more documentary
You look down at your mother
But copy your father
And I’m really tired of

blah blah blah bah blah

When you won’t even do it yourself
The things you say need to be done
When you can’t even hear it
Than you sound like fool when you say it
I’ve got nothing to say
Other than RTOC

blah blah blah bah blah

Kind of reminds me of Obama

Have an Ok day

Monday, October 25, 2010


Well normally I would post a random video, but this was too funny to pass up. I stumbled across this website called texts from last night. They collect texts from across the country and they're hilarious. Check them out! Periods .= second person texting. There's 70 of them.

1.why did i make a hit list last night containing only McDonalds?

.you tried to order a margarita mcflurry and when they said they didnt
make those you tried to call 911 wtf my bar tab was 80 dollars


3.awoke with 47 plastic lawn flamingos in my bed and on surrounding floor.

.you said they were your minions of evil that protected you from ferrets.

4.I don't know where I am but the food in the fridge is awesome.

5.just went to get groceries. a cashier said she saw me last night.
i guess i carried a broom back from the party and swept the street the
whole walk back...and i claimed to be in the cast of wicked

6.I just saw a hobo shake a payphone until it spat out a bunch of quarters.
what a champ.

7.Just found out I slapped a vegan in the face with meat last night.

8.I got us kicked out of the bar because the waitress found me in the kitchen
trying to make spaghetti

9.Fantastic night. drank beer from a wine bottle, danced on a van, chased a
llama, and fell from a fence

10.Dude im not sure whos apartment i woke up in but i just showered here
and their shampoo in phenomenal

11.I just remembered that last night when we tried to walk off the spins
you said "pretend i'm your pet dinosaur" so i walked you around on an
invisible leash while you made t-rex hissing noises.

12.I may have been hammered and in a wheelchair but I definitely
remember asking the hospital reseptionist to marry me

13.Dude, she knew her leg was on fire and she kept dancing. Bad-fucking-ass.

14.I just egged your windshield and it froze on contact. Have fun with that

15.Downstairs neighbor just asked me to tell people when they jump off the
balcony next time not to land on her flowers wouldn't come out from under your bed because you said there were
six-armed bears everywhere.

.ohhh that explains the pepperonis I found in my sock drawer this morning...

no it doesn't.

17.turns out Discover card thinks that if you spend $450 at four different
liquor stores in one evening that the card "must have been stolen"

18.I love you

.are you drunk

yes but I def love you, we should get married

.But I'm Jewish

embrace Jesus

19.hey. who tried to drive me home last night?

.not sure. we got lost. what do you mean "tried"?

i'm still in their car. parked on the beach. no one else is here.
i have on different pants.

20.Ricky Martin is gay. You owe me $10 from 3rd grade.

21.he just kept going up to random asian girls and yelling at them for
breaking up the beatles

22.thanks for bringing me home and putting me in my bed. the pillow fort you
built around me is also appreciated.

23.Banned from zoo.


24.he emptied an entire bag of goldfish onto the bed and rolled around yelling
the theme to jaws trying to eat them just incase you wake up on the couch wondering how you got there
--you came home at 7am, put ice in a cup--then you proceeded to put the cup
in the microwave and melt it because you "wanted water". you then, fell down
the stairs while saying "you don't know me" then crawled to the couch

26.Not only did a random toaster end up in my house last night,
it's also full of skittles.

27.I just finished washing your number off of my chest. I'm Bryan by the way.

28.You kept running into the wall most of the night. When people asked you
what you were doing you told them you were the kool-aid man and there was
little kids on the other side of the wall who needed your juice

29.I just left the house and 2 chicks are in the kitchen making breakfast.
Might want to get up.

.I'm up, no shirt, and staring at a breakfast casserole. Who are these girls?

30.I'm paying a homeless guy $20 to follow me around bars tonight with
a boombox playing the theme to Rocky. came downstairs saying you were now 'dressed to impress'

.what was i wearing?


32.Just saw some guy walking down the street rapping about various types of pasta

33.You put a nerf gun to his head and demanded him to take you to taco bell.

34.and then you went into taco bell without pants...and surprisingly you
weren't the only one there without pants

35.I had to go to the bank to confirm purchases made on 10/31/09
because they were signed as Lady Gaga

36.i think you broke pat's ankle when you drove over it...
he's freaking out but on a more serious note i'm 99% sure i saw a werewolf

37.Dude apparently i ran into the middle of a half marathon last night
and some how won

38.i just made a grilled cheese with an iron and pasta
with the coffeemaker in the hotel room. bow before your new god.

39.I woke up this morning with a bag of pepperonis in my bed....
and my facebook status was "pepperonis"

40.All I want in this world right now are Doritoessssss

.OK. You going to get home safe? Who are you with?


41.just won a stolen shopping cart in a dance off in a parking lot.

42.i can't find my house

.we droppd you off right in front! i even walked you to the steps
less then 3 mins ago.

i'm pretty sure my house moved.

43.You were wearing a sombrero. And a crown. And told me to use the nerf gun
to protect your room from the cat. You don't have a cat.

44.i just woke up and "where the fuck is taco bell" was in my search engine...

45.Why am I in a dog kennel?

.It was for your own safety

46.i just saw my boxers from 2 days ago stuck in a tree 4 miles from my house

47.My history teacher just took his shirt off cuz the classroom was to hot.
And then he invited us all to join him.

48.You are an asshole

.haha sleeping beauty awakes.

Where did you find this costume?

49.Well, emily woke up in Hoboken, cati woke up in jersey city,
and i woke up in brooklyn....and our hotel room we rented in the city
remained empty. Best birthday yet.

50.some guy just walked up to the bench i was on, backflipped off of it,
gave me his number and walked away....i love this city

51.Hiding in the clothes rack at walmart like a 4 year old.
Already scared 3 people. New fav weekend activity

52.why is there a sandwich nailed to the wall

53.woke up with food on the counter from chipotle, taco bell, green cactus, and
on the border take out. explain?

.you were trying to get this Spanish chick to sleep with you. you were
showing her how much you "loved her native food."

54.I caught a rooster roaming Edison Park then released it in the bar. They made
me try to catch it again and somebody played the chicken dance while I chased

55.So I went outside my house this morning and basically my entire front lawn is
covered in gummi bears... I think that involves you guys.

56.You named all of the cocktail shrimps and then tackled a guy for
"eating Henry"

57.I didn't black out, the guy in the Men In Black costume erased my memory

58.You're the 8th person from last night to text me this morning and
ask if I'm ok.


I SHUDNT B ON A TRAIN refused to leave the drive-thru at mcdonalds until the
cashier took a jello shot

61.were doing shots for every snowflake that hits the ground

62.According to google history I spent most of last night trying to buy an

63.why is there a handicap sign in the bathtub and an exit sign in the kitchen?

.lets deal with that after we figure out where i am

64.The police are arresting two women who got in a fight for the last Twilight
DVD at Best Buy. Classic.

65.Everybody was literally kung fu fighting

66.somehow you got everyone naked by playing strip rock paper scissors.

67.Why is there a living, breathing cow on your front porch? how was last night?

.got high and had our usual talk about the definition of cole slaw. then tried
to call the ramen noodle company and convince them why my face should be on
thier packages.

69.i'm at a party where swedish girls are dumping laundry detergent on each
other because it glows in blacklight. this is awesome

70.The guy in the library beside me just whipped out an entire loaf of bread,
a knife and a container of peanut butter and is proceeding to make multiple

And that's all! have an ok day.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


I went to a friend's birthday party at a pizza joint. I also decided on the top 10 movies that creep me out the most.

10- It, Stephen king...stupid clowns

9- The Grudge- There are no words

8- The Blair Witch Project- Damn this creepy movie for making me scared of old houses.

7- Seven-...............argh.

6- 1408- I am mildly creeped out by hotel rooms now.

5- House on Haunted hill- Freeeaaakyy...

4- Scream- I first watched this at 11 at a friend's house whose mother didn't monitor what she watched. Naturally I was severely scarred.

3- When a stranger calls- This stuck with me because I was afraid of something like this happening to me when my parents were out.

2- The Mothman Prophecies- You didn't see it, did you? See what?

1- The Descent- I'm never going cave diving without having someone with me who has prior knowledge and exploration of the cave system.

Sheesh now I'm scared. Oh well, have an Ok day.

Also my bf made a blog, check it out.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Yay pumpkins!


Crushing things with pumpkins= fun!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Almost forgot to update today. Soooo... now I'm updating at 11:40...heh. Today was pretty boring, I'm going to a birthday party on Saturday. I'm eagerly awaiting Halloween. I'm gonna dress up as this guy.
Pyramid head from Silent Hill 2! Also I found more Halloweeny stuff to post. I love Halloween so much! My top favorite 4 holidays are Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and the Fourth of July. Oh and just a neat fact about Halloween. It was basically formed by combining The Celtic festival of Samhain and the Christian holiday, All Saint's Day. I hate when people call Halloween demonic. I mean All saint's day was about commemorating those in heaven, and the Samhain festival was just about celebrating the harvest, sure spirits could come back from the dead, but not demons. They believed they could pacify the spirits and such, and ward away harmful ones with lanterns. So Halloween takes elements from both, and neither had anything to do with demons, the spirits of Samhain were said to be those of humans. I also hate when Wiccans take credit for 'inventing' Halloween. It was the Irish pagans who practiced Samhain first, not known for their Wiccans, and Roman Catholics! who celebrated All Saint's Day. Seriously, last year, on Halloween, I was out around the neighborhood with my friends, when we came across some Wiccans giving out candy around a fire. One of them said "Did you know Halloween was originally a Wiccan holiday?" In what I assume was supposed to be a 'scary' voice. This is absolute bullshit, I mean even the name is of Scottish origin! I looked at her and said in a deadpan voice "No it wasn't It was started by Druids" and walked off. I admit I was a tad off. But it was a hell of a lot closer than 'WICCANS' founding it, sheesh. There were druids in Scotland and there's no proof that they didn't celebrate Samhain as well. The religion of Wicca didn't even START until the 20th century. Samhain and All Saint's day have been around since the 1500's. These people need to get their facts straight. In fact, that's probably why people see the holiday as evil. Because they believe it was started by Wiccans. *sigh* I really don't care what religion you are, just keep your facts straight.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I found an epic video.

Have an ok day.

Superman is EVIL!Where Superman takes all of his girlfriends...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


0.0... scary.
I've decided my posts from now until after October 31st are going to be Halloween themed. So today I shall start with Higurashi no naku koro ni, one of the scariest mangas ever. WARNING: this is some really creepy and horrific stuff. But first...

Superman is evil. Now for the manga... do you really want to see it?

They all live in a creepy village and worship some demon thing called oyashiro-sama. They don't say much about him... except things like this.

Agh scary make it go away! Here your 'protaganist', maybe if he's not crazy, has just figured out that the person he's talking to , Shion, went missing after the village's yearly festival. Also Shion said she talked to the village head, also missing, now dead. Keichi figures out that the only time Shion could of talked to him was after he went missing. Her response to his claims? Well just watch.

As a final note don't mess with this girl.

Well even though it is a really scary show it's got some really nice music so just listen to this, and have an ok day.

Monday, October 18, 2010


I'm only updating every other day. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I'll just post a random vid or song.

Have an Ok day. Oh and Superman is EVIL!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I love Scandinavians

Superman is evil... anyway on to the Scandinavians.
The Nordics from Hetalia. Left to right: Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland. Now what brings on this sudden gushing of affection for the Scandinavians you might ask? Well the way they celebrate of course! I'll go over what they do for midsummer celebrations, cuz that's the best part. In Denmark they call it Sankt Hans Aften and they make a witch out of wood and burn it! Not kidding check it out!

Why do they do it? I dunno but they've been doing since 1920 and it doesn't look like they're quitting anytime soon. Of course people say it's politically inappropriate, which it is, but I think it's funny as hell. Next I'll talk about the Norwegians. Now they just celebrate with lots and lots of FIRE!!! They set really huge fires and just watch.

...Yay fire? The Finnish do fires as well, although theirs just tend to be big piles of sticks.

The Swedish are the calm ones in all of this. They just do their maypole and festivities thing, not a fire in site.

For some reason I think it's hilarious how violent and fire obsessed all the other countries are, and the Swedes are just... dancing. Next year I'm totally doing a bonfire for midsummer, June 23rd or 24th. Anyway have an Ok day.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Snape, P.E...and stuff

This Poem can be sung to the tune of Gilligan's island...try it! Anyway I just felt like making a random tribute to Severus Snape. The only fictional character that I would have still liked even if he had been evil all along. Alan Rickman does a fantastic job of portraying him.

I wish he hadn't died... oh well, that's what fan fiction is for! Well besides that I am quite tired of school. P.E is still my least favorite class, I want to go back in time and kill the person who made it required. My teacher is a really bloody annoying git, who doesn't like me for some reason.(sounding British ftw!) That's ok though, I don't like her either. Just today, at the end of class, she said she didn't see me in class...WHAT?! I was playing tag! and wearing pink sweats no less! HOW DO YOU NOT SEE ME! I'M NOT INVISIBLE!. Luckily I had several other people to testify to my existence. That seems to happen to me a LOT actually, all the freaking time. If I raise my hand in class I can guarantee at least a ten minute wait before the teacher NOTICES me and calls on me. Usually by then we've moved on to a different subject and my comment/question seems out of place. I swear I sometimes have to resort to waving my hand like a madman to get noticed, while other people just raise their hand slightly and 'pop' teacher says "Do you have a question person who just raised their hand?""No sir I was just stretching" While I'm sitting right next to them waving my hand. Or if the teacher is calling on individual people to give examples or solve a problem I ALWAYS get passed over unless I speak up (no I'm not exaggerating). Sometimes I feel like Canada from the show Hetalia, no one notices him or talks to him either.
Anyway you all should know...
Well you all should behold another poem of mine.

Raindrops fallin' from the clouds
scattered sunlight on the ground
Tiny bluebirds flappin round
A giant oak tree reachin for the sky
Majestic plant much larger than I
Leaves turnin' colors by and by
Fall is almost here and the wind begins to sigh

Have an ok day.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Lol. Anyway just wanted to rant about more annoying people. It doesn't happen very often but sometimes I get the question about my faith, like on my Psat. It's not required to answer it but just the fact that it was there annoyed the crap out of me. I put prefer not to answer...why? Well that's quite simple to answer... I DON'T PUT MYSELF INTO CATEGORIES. I am a christian, but just looking at how many 'christian, churches there were on this list made my head reel. The lady/test giver said something about it helping you get sorted with people you'll agree with. There's quite an issue there with me. I don't agree with most other Christians, I even argue with my mother about philosophy, and she's the one who TOLD me about God. I really don't care what sort of people I have to deal with to get to my goal. You know what 'kind' of Christian I am? I'm a laid back Christian, that's right. What does that mean? It just means I don't go around damning people or put input into a conversation based on my faith. I keep most of it to myself, I still keep to my moral standards but I don't attempt to inflict them on anyone. If anyone asks, I answer straight that I am a Christian, but I don't rub it in people's faces. I can't convert people, I'm not good at religious debate, I'd just end up yelling at them. I keep most of my arguments based around logic or reasoning. I can win an evolutionary debate or big bang debate, but I just wouldn't be able to logically argue the existence of God. Because it's not based off of logic, it's a spiritual thing I just cannot argue. My mother is quite good at arguments like that I am not. I am a scientist through and through. Also as a final note, Superman is evil and I will be providing examples of that here from now on, Have an ok day.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Welp October has been pretty boring so I have been just relaxing and stuff. I found these two songs that are really good for calming me down. Take a listen, they're both songs I heard on the show House. That show is kind of irritating me lately because I never supported the pairing they're going with, sigh, oh well.

and the second: note the woman is Cuddy. That's the chick they're pairing House up with, which I don't like so ignore the video, the song is all that's important.

I love those songs. I've also been writing fan fiction of late. I've been really on edge since school started. It takes a lot out of me, which is the main reason I don't like it. Today I've decided to entertain you with a poem of mine.

Tell me I'm alright and there's nothing that can hold me back
I cannot tell if I am on the right track
sometimes it feels like I'm so far from where I want to be
I need someone to find the good in me
Tell me that I deserve a fighting chance
That I should get off the sidelines and join life's dance
I can't stand on my own but I know I'll try
Because nobody is gonna stop and tell me why.
inspired by the book I am David

Well that's all have an ok day.