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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm sailing away...

I'm starting to get into that time of year where From this day until December 17th I'm going to be dragging myself through pointless assignments and other things in school to keep me busy until finals. December 17th is the start of Christmas break... Yay! First I have to get through all this crap. I get assigned so many papers and essays during this time... it's ridiculous. So always around this time of year I get my head up in the clouds, and don't really focus. I'll study for my final and everything, but other than that, my brain is not here. I am right now focusing on my goal of visiting every country in the world... Europe first of course. I am definitely making Spain and Andorra my first stops. 194 countries, so little time. I just hope we don't all blow ourselves up before I get the chance. Actually I should say 193 as I'm already in America. In 2012 I'll be making it 192. Me and my friend are going on a road trip through Canada, just before we have to go to college and get really occupied with that. We're definitely going to New Prussia in Canada. If Prussia was still around, Andorra would be pushed to second place on my list of Favorite countries.
Anyway Here's my list of my favorite countries.(besides America duh, that's obligatory)

1.Andorra (It's so little, but it's awesome!) It's between Spain and France if you didn't know.
Pretty no?

2.Australia(This place is amazing, and it has most of the world's deadliest animals)3.Austria(Believe it or not even though I grew up in Germany, I'm more fond of its neighbor)4.Canada(Nothing happens there, and it's pretty...good enough for me!)
5.Sweden(As you can tell I kinda of have a thing for places with water,pine trees, or hills)6.Greece(Opa!)

7.Spain(They have siestas and an annual tomato fight.)

8.Belgium(Canals!...and chocolate, also the old buildings are really neat.)

9.Italy(Gorgeous landscape)

10.Egypt(I can't wait till I go here... it's not even for the pyramids, I like the Nile.)

You can bet one day I'll be on a sailboat just like those floating down that river. Have an Ok day.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Shark in the water

Oh dear...
I'm sure you know there's... an issue between North and South Korea. I wonder how Obama is taking the news. Or maybe he's too busy with those 12 stitches he's got now lol. Anyways Japan, North Korea, and South Korea are going to be meeting in D.C on December 6th. Japan and South Korea are apparently trying to convince China to DO something. I wonder how that'll work out. Well anyway Obama hasn't really made much of a statement on the issue of the Korea's. He is apparently preoccupied with Bush's tax cuts ending this year. Republicans want to extend tax cuts for everyone. Obama wants to tax the rich more. There's only one problem with that, Obama's definition of rich is very lenient. Other than that there's still a shit-load of oil in the gulf, oh well at least they stopped the flow. Well don't have much else to update on, except that we are all gonna die. Have an ok day

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Second and last post for today. I get oh so tired of defending exactly why I am a Pessimist. In straight terms, I believe that things can and will get worse. The world is a bad place and the majority of people are nasty. I prefer to not be surprised when things get worse. If they do get worse I am prepared. I like to be pleasantly surprised if things do get better. I would never want to be an optimist, and be surprised when things go wrong. People generally are not nice in any manner. There are good people, but 90% of humanity are Jackasses. I am also a chaotic neutral, which just means I am a good person, and I would help people in need, but I like to look after number one, and if I'm getting chased by zombies, mobsters, or wild animals... I'm sorry but I'm stealing your car. Anyways back to the pessimism, the world is a bad place. There you have it, it's quite simple really. If the world ends tomorrow I won't be surprised or frightened. I'll just sit on my front porch and watch people panic like idiots. Anyway just some pessimistic facts for you.

1. In the last 3,000 years there have only been 80 without a war going on somewhere.( Not in succession either)

2. America is currently $13,802,076,747,349 in debt and it's increasing by $4.16 billion per day.

3.Over 124,635 species of animal have gone extinct this year.

4.There are over 1,029,696,000 starving people in the world.

5.25,000 of them died today

6.There's only an estimated 42 years left before we run out of oil.

7.There have been over 41,356,000 abortions this year.

8.1.35% of every 100,000 American people kill themselves. The rate has only gone up in recent years from 1.1% in 2008.

9. Over 16,000 people in America have been murdered this year.

10.There have been
329,708 recorded rapes this year. America had the highest number with 95,136 rapes.

11.In the world America ranks number one in crimes. (surprising isn't it?) The U.K is number two. Even more surprisingly Mexico was at number 12.

12.There have been 699,742 Teenage births this year, 494,357 from the U.S

13. For every 100,000 people 334 of them will die from cancer, even more will get cancer in some form.

14.An ice age is probably going to happen first rather than global warming.

Yup. World sucks. Have an Ok day.


Well I am Andorra. Where the heck did that come from you ask? Well in Hetalia some countries are not represented. Me and my friend decided the we would be Andorra and Greenland(long story.) Anyway I finally decided what my character should look like, and boy was it hard. The main difficulty being that her older half-brothers are Spain and France.

But I did it! Here she is!

I had to make one eye blue through paint but besides that it's perfect. She's also good buddies with America. Andorra is all too often forgotten but it is it's own sovereign nation and member of the U.N. Its protection falls to Spain and France(maybe that's not such a good thing) but it has never been invaded. Her first name is Catalan as is her last, because that's the official language of Andorra. The best thing about her Last name though, is that Spain's human last name is Carriedo, and France's is Bonnefoy. So not only is it a last name on its own it has car than bon for her two greatest influencers. The ell on the end was her own twist. Mariona Carbonell representative of Andorra's people, with her own fly away hair to represent the highest mountain in the tiny country. Her personality? Well France's major thing is his reputation as a pervert... ah I mean 'lover'... and Spain's is that he's oblivious. Soooo... Oblivious pervert, although she's nowhere near France's level, and any perverted things she does, she's not aware that they're considered perverted. Otherwise good sense of humor and very peppy. Andorra is my favorite country... I'm afraid I'm not feeling too patriotic for America at the moment. I am dedicated to the land itself, but the majority of its people just annoy the hell out of me. Have an ok day.

Also as a last note OMG IT'S FRANCE HE'S REAL!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Too true.
Talkin 'bout stereotypes today yay! I know, I know they're wrong. You can't judge people, blah blah blah. So anyway just gonna jump right into stereotypes of countries.Also since Hetalia is the king of stereotypes I'll be using their characters.

England- Stuck up, unemotional, stuffy, bad cuisine, drunk hooligans when abroad. That last one is actually accepted as an unfortunate truth by the English

Ireland-(there's no hetalia char. for him yet) Heavy drinkers, redheads, poor, lots of children, and extremely religious.

Scotland- All Scottish men wear kilts, have bagpipes, eat haggis, drunken, and mean.

Wales- Backwards and fond of sheep

.France-Arrogant, Cowardly, Sexy, Lovers,

America-fat, ignorant, boorish, greedy, and completely unaware of the existence or nature of other cultures.

Canada- Quiet, Polite, Obsessed with the great outdoors and Hockey.

Japan- Quiet, Stoic, Smart, Businessman, Samurai or Ninja.

China-Ponytail, sneaky,overly bureaucratic, personality less, food obsessed.

Russian- Cold, Drunken, Refer to everyone as comrade, nostalgic for the Soviet Union, Intimidating, Terrible English grammar.

Mexico- loud, boisterous, fight bulls in arenas, wear large sombreros that they dance around from time to time, eat foods comprised of beans and hardened corn and peppers too spicy for foreigners, frequently nap in hammocks,and will refer to you as either SeƱor, Amigo or Gringo.

Australia- expert trackers, wrestle crocodiles in their spare time, rough, illiterate, love beer and are not very sophisticated.

Germany- Ill tempered, humorless, ruthlessly efficient, clean nuts, heavy drinkers, and they Shout a lot.

Italy-(Northern on the left, Southern on the right) Can't fight, Pasta obsessed, Mafia members, Drive fast cars, Ditsy, Like girls a lot.

India- Cheerful, Hard workers, Telephone operators, Wear turbans, Eat curry, Call you 'my friend'.

Netherlands- Liberals, Prostitutes, Wear wooden shoes, Love Tulips, and Have Windmills.

(left to right- Finland,Sweden,Denmark,Norway,Iceland)

Sweden- Phonetic accents, Gay, Socialist.

Finland- Quiet, brave, self-possessed, never foolish, prone to depression, Love saunas.

Norway- Vikings and Snarky.

Iceland- Close to earth, Well meaning, Naive.

Denmark- Hot blondes, Heavy drinkers, Party animals.

Cuba- Hot tempered, talk with their hands, really good swimmers, and they all smoke cigars.

Switzerland- Cheap,filthy rich bankers who live by the clock,They're also constantly skiing and have really sweet candy.

Austria- Prudish, Love classical music, REALLY cheap, Yodelers.

Spain- Lazy, Fast talkers, Love music, Sleep a lot.

There are loads more of course but this is getting a tad long for my taste. I love stereotypes. Have an Ok day.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I vanished...

So exciting...
Lols sorry for disappearing there for almost a month. I got so many essay assignments from my English and History classes it was crazy. I really hate getting so many essays... it annoys me a lot. I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on Friday. It was good... but they changed a lot of really random things. Like how Hedwig died, in the book she was in her cage and got killed randomly. In the movie she flies at one of the death eaters both getting killed and giving Harry away. Yet there are so many holes in that theory. How would Voldemort know that was Harry's owl? He never saw it in the books or the movies. In the books Harry was given away by his use of the expelliarmus spell because he had used it so many before against death eaters. Or when Lupin questions Harry on the creature that was in his office when Harry went to visit him in book 3. They cut that out of the third movie so now it has no context. The list just goes on and on. It was shot well, acting was amazing, visuals spectacular, and music was great. It was a good movie, if you ignore the books, but now they've made it impossible to ignore the books because of all the callbacks, but those were CUT OUT of the previous movies. So they've created conflicting issues arg! Whatever. Have some demotivation.
Have an ok day.