Monday, January 31, 2011


Why do we watch sad movies? Why do we watch depressing stuff? I suppose it's to keep us from getting too horribly shocked by the world. The most popular movies always seem to be the ones with a lot of tragedy no? Maybe it's to keep us sensitive... I don't know. I guess it's for the same reason we try and prove how brave we are by sitting through scary ass horror films. Nightmares ho!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm soooooo bored

Life just seems to be dragging on at the moment. I have changed my favourite animal from a red fox to a honey badger. They're scary little buggers. I wish something would happen, routine is going to drive me crazy. It's kind of a weird boredness though. It's like that kind of boring that happens before a big event you know? I wonder if something is going to happen? That may just be my wishful thinking though. I need something exciting to do! *headwall*. Have an ok day.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Top 100 movies

My Top 100 favourite films of all time! Go!
100.Pokemon the first movie
99.Home alone
98.Air Bud
97.Road to Eldorado
96.Chicken Run
95.James and the giant peach to train your dragon
93.The polar express
92.Stuart Little
91.The mask
90.Liar Liar
89.Homeward bound
88.cats and dogs
87.Rush hour
86.Spirit stallion of the cimmaron
85.The corpse bride
84.Dr. Dolittle
82.Glory road
80.The good the bad and the ugly
79.Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
78.The nightmare before christmas
76.Willy wonka and the chocolate factory
74.The chronicles of Narnia The lion the witch and the wardrobe
73.Secondhand lions
72.A little Princess
71.Bruce Almighty
69. The Goonies
67.Treasure Planet
65.Big trouble in little china
64.Men in black
63.Patch Adams
62.Van Helsing
61.Close encounters of the third kind
60.Gran Torino
59.Slumdog Millionare
56.independance day
55.Toy story
54.Lilo and stitch
52.Judgement at Nuremburg
51.Indiana Jones and the last crusade
50.Star wars the empire strikes back
49.The princess Bride
47.Pirates of the carribean curse of the black pearl
46.Harry potter and the sorcerer's stone
45.Batman begins
44.The Dark knight
43.Harry potter and the prisoner of Azkaban
41.Fantasia 2000
40.Jurassic Park
39.Finding Nemo
36.Jurrasic Park 2
35.The neverending story
34.Batman 1989
33.toy story 3
32.Edward Scissorhands
31.The hunchback of notre dame
30.Monty Python and the Holy Grail
28.Babe pig in the city
27.The curious case of Benjamin Button
26.The fugitive
25.O brother where art thou
24.Vampire hunter D Bloodlust
23.Life is beautiful
22.Children of men
21.The Bucket List
18.The Mothman Prophecies
17.The sound of music
16.Watership down
15.V for Vendetta
14.All the president's men
13.Cast away
12.Lord of the rings return of the king
10.Memoirs of a Geisha
9.Leon The Proffesional
8.The Prince of Egypt
7.Spirited Away
6.Saving private Ryan
5.The Green mile
4.Forrest Gump
3.The Pianist
2.Schindler's List
1.The Shawshank Redemption
Fwew! That's it! The End!
Have an ok day.

Friday, January 28, 2011

What is it...

that makes us tick. I am utterly fascinated by the human body and its relationship with nerves and such. Like, why can you move without consciously thinking about it? Or how is it that your brain remembers every detail of your life, yet you can only recall certain parts? I also am quite interested in psychology. Why do we do what we do? Once a women actually froze to death because she convinced herself it was freezing when it was 60 degrees out. Just a little snippet into the human mind. Have an ok day.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Classical music

I love classical music. I mean it's not all amazing, but a good deal of it is. I don't really understand why so many people dislike it. Then again some of those people are hypocrites. Violins constitute classical music, yet I know several people who like violin music, but say they don't like classical. Sheesh. Classical music is amazing, and inspires imagination like no other form of music. Now have my favourite composition.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What's really big?

Canada is!

Poor poor forgettable Canada. Nothing really happens there. I suppose it would be a good place to go if you wanted to be a hermit.

Have an ok day eh?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

That's not gonna be good

Putin has promised 'Retribution' for the Moscow bombing. Russia is scary, always has been. I read Itar tass, the official Russian news website, and stuff just seems creepy. From a terrorist who shot himself, and just happened to be on a firing range while doing so, to the minister of telecommunications promising they are only going to regulate the internet. Who knows what 'retribution' will entail. Although one of the scarier things is their appearence on the world's top 10 worst lovers list. The list is as follows.

1.Germans- Too smelly(.....)
2.English-Too lazy(I laugh every time I read this)
3.Swedish-Too quick(Well they do say up there in Scandinavia that Swedish women only get pregnant from the Finnish men that visit.)
4.Dutch-Too Rough(That surprised me)
5.Americans-Too Dominant(*not surprised*)
6.Greeks-Too Lovey Dovey(Wow that sounds Terrible)
7.Wales-Too Selfish(Ok?)
8.Scottish-Too Loud(*snort*)
9.Turks-Too Sweaty(ilg nasty)
10. Russians-Too Hairy(.............*shudders*)

And now on to the top 10 best. This ought to be interesting.

1.Spain(This somehow does not surprise me, country of passion)
2.Brazil(Wasn't expecting that)
3.Italy(Yay Italy?)
4.France(Oh France how far you have fallen, no more number one spot for you)
5.Ireland(*does a spit take* seriously!?!?)
6.South Africa(....Yay? I severely apologize. But just...what?)
7.Australia(Hurrah! one of my top 10 favorite countries)
8.New Zealand(aw come on...naming it's neighbor is just dull)
9.Denmark(That's interesting)
10.Canada(*doubles over in laughter* Yes Hahahahahahaaaha Canada ftw)

These lists disturb me.
Have an ok day.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Technology F**king sucks!

Now I know what you're thinking... isn't this blasphemy coming from a teenager? NO! No it is not! Especially when it's true. I'm updating from my Dad's computer right now because a part in mine failed. Let me tell you something about my computer, it's a piece of junk. It was made in 1996 and should have fallen apart by now. So of course it must have burned out due to its oldness right? WRONG!! The piece that is failing on me is the newest part added to it. An improved graphics card, that is unfortunately also where my monitor hooks up. That was added in 2008. So let me get this straight... Nothing in the 'piece of crap' old computer failed... it was just the NEW GRAPHICS CARD!? wtf! facekeyboard.yyjhugkymkyh. GARGH! *frustration*

Have a hopefully not fail day GAH!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Americans are...

Anglophiles! I realized while reading my history books that Americans really love England. I know what you're thinking "But what about the wars in 1776 and 1812?" Well let me address that. In our original revolutionary war, going in to it, Patriots only had 40% of the population on their side. Most of that 40% didn't even really want to get involved in a war with Britain, they just wanted more liberty. The olive branch petition is a good example of that. Also, even the British troops spoke of how warmly they were received in Yorkshire after originally invading. It took a lot to convince more Americans into joining the Patriot cause, and even after the war there were still loyalists hanging around. The war of 1812 I think was mainly caused by Britain still being pissy at us for breaking away. Ever since these wars however, up until we became buddies with England again during WWI, there was always a political party hoping to get chummy with the British again. Nowadays we still like the English. We like English actors, bands, artists, accents, and a myriad of other things. Why do Americans like the English? Probably mainly because of their accents and how opposite their stereotypes are compared to ours. That's right, Americans like the idea of stuffy elegant people sitting around and drinking tea. Why? I'm not really sure but so many people are just utterly fascinated by the idea. So just know, if you like English culture you're not alone. Americans have liked it for a looong time. And now a list of English people and things that caught on in America.

Hugh Laurie
Alan Rickman
Ian Mckellen
The Beatles
Charlie Chaplin
Orlando Bloom
Christian Bale
Gary Oldman
Kate Beckinsale
The Royal Family you get about 20,000,000 results by typing it into Google
Daniel Radcliffe
Rupert Grint
Emma Watson
Ralph Fiennes
Winston Churchill, he actually dedicated a lot of his time to Anglo-American relations.
Count Duckula...for some reason it was really popular over here.
Bob the builder
Angelina Ballerina
Rowan Atkinson
The secret show
Monty Python

Yeah and that's just to name a few...
Have an ok day!

Friday, January 21, 2011


I am very cold today. Getting body chills and stuff. I m too tired to think out what to write about so have this...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Awesomeness

That is Prussia. I present today my all time favourite Hetalia fan art...enjoy.

America and the alien he got during the area 51 incident named Tony.Germany and Northern Italy, also one of Germany's dogs.A very impressive artwork of Hungary.Yet another stunning image, this time of the minor character of Monaco.A simple yet intriguing sketch of Canada. Usually he's just the quiet character so I think this is a cool way to portray him.Very nice pencil drawing of Vietnam.My all time favourite picture of England. Full pirate get up combined with his guitar from the punk area.A beautiful portrait of America.This is Seychelles. I so wish I could draw stuff like this.A nice picture of Iceland and Norway.Poland after WWII. Quite a nice representation.Nice, It's Conquistador era Spain.France during his national holiday. I'd have to say that uniform suits him.Simple drawing of Sweden and Finland. I actually like it for the emotion it can convey without too much detail.Russia is tied with Prussia for my favourite character. He loves sunflowers and his dreams of being in a warm place along with his long and bloody past, which has made him a little crazy, makes me feel quite sad for him. But a lot of artwork about him is very beautiful and conveys his , surprisingly, rather deep character.That's all! Have an ok day.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

English cuisine

Is usually stereotyped as bad so I thought I'd go through traditional English foods and give my opinion on them.

Yorkshire pudding
I'll say that's a misleading name if I've ever seen one. It's basically just made of batter. Personally I'd prefer pancakes, but they don't look half bad.

You know what I'd put more information and titles, but they're all pretty simple.

Actually it's probably because of its simplicity that it gets a bad rep. They don't really ever branch out like the French, who treat cooking like an art. They pretty much just stick with beef, bread, batter, fish, 'chips', and scones. There's not much more to it than that. The most inedible looking British cuisine I found would have to be this...

The black stuff would be 'Black pudding', (again with the pudding?) and yes it's supposed to look like that. The other stuff is um... beans....sausage?....and toast. No I don't know what's in the middle.


Have an ok day.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Karma houdini

Don't you hate it when the bad guy gets away? I recently watched Doubt recently. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great either. It was terribly average. You know, you didn't really feel connected to the characters at all. Worst part though was the the scumbag 'priest' gets away with what he did...yeah. Well here's a list of both fictional and real life karma houdinis for your viewing pleasure.

Mr. Potter from it's a wonderful life
Hannibal Lecter at the end of his movies
John Doe from se7en (yeah I know he gets shot, but that was his plan all along, and he dies instantly. Not really a proper karmic death)
The Joker from the Dark Knight(due to Batman's no kill policy)
Josef Mengele who escaped to Brazil and died of natural causes...yeah.
Jack The Ripper was never caught
neither was the Zodiac Killer
Richard Nixon who was pardoned

Let's face it... there's loads of them.
Have an ok day.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I did that for no reason! Anyway I'm just gonna do a little list thing...
Nod your head if you have ever...

Cursed at an inanimate object
Talked like a tv or movie character just because you could
Attempted to do a handstand
Fallen down the stairs
Filled up glasses or bottles with different amounts of water and then tapped on them with spoons
Slept in a tree
Trespassed on private property
Stepped on a tack
Gotten a paper cut somewhere other than your hand
Taken pictures of nothing
Built a blanket/pillow fort
Given a cat a bath
Wished that some wild animals were allowed to be kept as pets
Made up a language
Actually spent time wondering why a raven is like a writing desk
Walked around alone outside at midnight
Sat in the rain to think
Wondered why anyone commits suicide
Wandered though a bookstore and realized that you can judge certain books by their cover
Spent more than 10 minutes observing yourself in a mirror
Wondered if people really ever give unconditional love
Felt bad for roadkill
Sat on the side of a road and watched cars go by
Stayed up for more than 24 hours
And finally, Fallen down and paused there for a minute trying to figure out how you fell.

Also My new favorite quote from a movie.
It's at the beginning of this video. This video is also excellent. It's a tribute to Cinema of 2010.

Life is wasted on people. Seems true far too often eh? Have an ok day.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


They're scary, but at least they're dedicated... heh. Hetalia has the queen of creepy stalkers. I introduce to you Belarus.She really wants to become one with Russia, which is messed up because she's his sister. Russia is downright terrified of her, and it's not hard to see why.My little sister wants to cosplay her this next coming anime convention. She's actually really good at pulling off her creepiness. And now for what should be considered the stalker anthem!

Have an ok day, I'll be watching you.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Animals feel.

They do you know. They feel pain, loneliness, stress, happiness, contentment, fear, depression, joy, and a myriad of other things. Sometimes people make me sick with how they refer to animals. They treat them as if they are worthless or stupid. It's even worse when they do this to animals that love pretty much unconditionally, like dogs. You know, it doesn't matter if you're a murderer, a psychopath, 'weird', popular, pretty, ugly, or depressed, a dog will love you as long as you come home and pat them on the head. I feel that they're superior to humans in that respect. So nothing, and I mean nothing makes me angrier than animal cruelty. The worst kind, I feel, is that of animal testing. I understand that some medical animal testing has helped us, but 95% of animal testing is for shit like cleaning products, pointless procedures, pesticides, outdated drugs, and make-up. This video made me really F**king angry.

PETA may be crazy when it comes to some points, but at least they go undercover so places like this one can be taken down. This video was taken just last year. Luckily when the video got released the place was shut down, and many dogs and cats adopted out. But the bad news is there are still over 10 million animals going through shit like this every day. Please be against animal testing,95% of it helps no one and puts animals through extreme suffering. And to the people that aren't against testing like what you saw in the video above, well then we could just lock them in a cage and dump skin and lung burning flea killer on them, while spraying them with bleach and tell them to shut the F*ck up when they scream. God it just makes me so angry that this shit still happens today.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yellow submarine

I don't usually like the Beatles, but this song is bloody brilliant. It's both catchy and nonsensical. It's also stuck in my head.

And now for a stick figure comic I think my Mom would like.

Have an ok day.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


My school is putting on a play about The diary of Anne Frank. I'm in drama club so that sounded great, until I heard what they were gonna do with the ending. They were just going to have some crew members shout and stuff, with Anne Frank off the stage. In the story she gets dragged off by Nazis. I thought that just yelling would be a cheap way to end it, so I went to find my best friend. I wasn't even surprised when I found that she had the same idea. We are going to be the Nazis. Yeah. I'm good at playing the bad guy. I once dressed up as the Joker, Heath Ledger version, and found it was pretty easy for me to play evil characters. Lol Gary Oldman talent. He plays a villain in about two-thirds of the movies he's in. He made a good Dracula. I can pull off evil, sarcastic, bitter, psychotic, ditzy, eccentric, or overly happy characters. I'm not too good at romantic or, maybe surprisingly to you, depressed characters. Pessimistic though I may be, I am not suicidal, emo, or goth. I'm not even got at acting like that. I just state "World Sucks" and move on, I can't sit about moping in a corner. Oh well Nazi acting here I come! I would also like to state that I do not support Nazis... you just can't have a play about any part of the Holocaust without them. Ya know cause it was kind of them doing the Holocausting. Have an Ok day.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Canadian idiot

One of Weird Al Yankovic's finest.

Have a good day.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Moi podsolnechnika

Sunflowers are pretty. My favorite flowers however are Striped Carnations.This sucks. Why you ask? Well because in the F**ked up language that is flowers, they mean rejection. That's right if I ever date I can't get my favorite flowers... because some douche decided pretty striped flower=rejection. I hate school. It's not that anything bad happens there it's just... F**king monotonous. You go, You listen, You get homework, You go home, You do homework... repeat only God knows how many times. Well, at least this year I have a favorite teacher. She's the digital design teacher. She's quite fun, and is easy to get along with. I think the better teachers are always the ones that treat you like equals. My chemistry teacher is not one of those teachers. She is rather condescending, saying stuff is easy while seemingly forgetting that WE DIDN'T GO TO COLLEGE, AND STUDY THIS STUFF. It gets so annoying asking her for help and getting "Well you just have to do this". She is usually of no bloody help anyway. She keeps acting like the answer is soooo obvious, when to us it isn't. Then, because she thinks the answer is that obvious, she will drop some vague hint then walk off while I'm still confused. And when I pester her enough to get her to stay and help me, she sighs and her tone gets even more condescending. It's really annoying to say the least. I've signed up for her study hall 3 times, and after that, I just really didn't want to ask her for help anymore. I've gotten more help from the chemistry book then her. I'd rather sit through my old Earth Science teacher's classes again. At least there I could draw without getting threatened by a F**king J.C for it. I normally draw during lectures, it helps me listen. All of my other teachers are fine with it. But not Mrs. Chemistry teache noooo, There'll be no drawing in her classroom. I asked her why not and she gave me a BS story about some meeting the teachers had where they talked about stopping stuff like that in class. Well naturally that had me worried as I always draw when I listen so I went to talk to our student dean. He said he didn't recall anything like that, and he seemed fine with me drawing in class while listening. Yeah. That... kind of ticks me off. I can't wait till I'm out of this Damn chemistry class.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Vanilla Coca Cola

It's one of my absolute favorite drinks. I'm feeling awfully uninspired today. I did find a game that looks really cool, and I've watched a couple of let's plays on it. Here's the trailer.

It's on the PC and everyone keeps saying how it's the scariest game ever. So of course I now want to play it. I may absolutely suck at games, but I never scare easily. I want to see if this game can change that. Apparently it focuses less on jump scares, and more on psychological terror. Sounds... awesome and scary. Yay for terrifying games, because we wouldn't be human unless we got some sort of weird enjoyment out of freaking ourselves out.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


I do believe that's what the guy who shot up the judge and the um... senate woman, I think, in Arizona had. I watched his videos and stuff and it does sound very much like that. In other news, animals are dying... everywhere. In Italy, Sweden, England, Arkansas, and a couple other places. So far it has been birds, crabs, and fish. They're dying in the thousands... that's not ominous at all. Something else I learned is that I inherited anemia from my mother. So I get to say I DAMN WELL TOLD YOU SO. I told her about 2 months back that I had anemia and she laughed. Well now she's lost weight, she's feeling it's full effects. Yeah laugh now after you almost faint just by standing up too quickly. I also inherited my father's poor blood flow, and that just makes it worse. Another thing I inherited from my father is his quick temper, and then I got my mother's grudge bearing abilities. Hurrah for the worst of both worlds. I do keep grudges easy. Like in freshman year there was this boy named Dillan, who was a creepy jerk in all general terms of the word. He kind of seemed like that guy. You know, the one you think is going to bring guns to show and tell one day. He liked to bug me, as far as he could get away with in My school. Well one day I got a balloon from my history teachers classroom. My history teacher got a bunch for his birthday, and didn't know what to do with them, so he was just giving them away. Anyway the skunk that is Dillan did the worst thing possible. That's right... he popped my balloon...with a pen. Now don't misunderstand me, he had been bugging me for awhile, cursing at me, purposefully bumping into me in the hallway so I dropped my books, annoying the fuck out of me in English class because he sat behind me. I had been pretty patient. But right after he popped the balloon, I probably would have beat him over the head with a textbook had we not been in James Irwin. I honestly felt like strangling the annoying little prick. But since I was in fact, in James Irwin, where I would have gotten expelled for that, I merely settled for ratting him out to my English teacher, and subsequently getting him suspended. He later got expelled for continuing to harass other people. Served the little bastard right. See what I mean about grudge? I still don't like him, even though I haven't seen him in 3 years. Oh well, Have an ok day.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Verbal tick

It's something you add at the end of most of your sentences without meaning to. I never really had one, aside from random laughter, so I use Prussia's from Hetalia, niyoniyonoyoni. Also have I ever mentioned how awesome I am? I don't think I have. The lowest grade I've gotten is a B+. I can drink 10 sodas in a row. I passed that American citizen test my history teacher gave me with an 84%, the average was 49%, I wouldn't have to be deported! I can also play horror games in the dark without screaming or getting nightmares. And I can debate like a total boss. There are lots of unawesome people of course. Some of them are douches like John Edwards who cheat on their dying wives, some hate everyone like the Westboro Baptist church, some are incompetent like Barack Obama, some participate in dog fights like Michael Vicks, and some just have done nothing praiseworthy in their lives. The worst unawesome people, are the ones with unlikable egos. A likable ego comes from self security in your awesomeness, an unlikable ego, and sadly these are the vast majority, comes from total insecurity, and feeling like you have to make people pay attention to you. Here's a song for those people.

...And I can't be narcissistic, I'm too awesome!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Theme song

ANIMALS GO TO HEAVEN! My principle believes they don't. He has kids... what does he tell them when their pets die? Sorry son Fido ain't in heaven, in fact he's not anywhere. That's a good way to get them depressed. Anyway I have decided on the theme song to my life. I think everyone needs one of these. I actually spent quite a looong time thinking about it. I'm quite happy with my choice. I present... What about everything.

Hurrah for theme songs! Get out there and find yours today.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I talked to someone at my school today... I shall refer to her as D. Today at school they had an assembly about Rachel's challenge. She's a girl who died at Columbine. In an essay she wrote about 2 months before the shooting she wrote that we should start a chain reaction of good deeds and stuff like that. Anyway our advisor reads us her essay, and all I could think was how lucky this chick was. In the essay she wrote about how she always trusted people, and about how none of them had disappointed her yet. I said right after that she was lucky none of those people had taken advantage of her trust. D starts talking about how you should trust people and stuff, and about how if you have a good relationship with God than you would trust people. Let me say right now, that I do not trust people. Why? Because if you expect too much of people then they will let you down. Trusting blindly will only get you hurt. People will let you down. And if you expect to much, when they let you down you'll get angry. I can trust people eventually if time and conversations prove that they are trustworthy. I haven't run into very many of these. Anyway D kept going off about how my own trustworthiness was a gift, and that I still wish someone could be there for me in the back of my head. I almost yelled at that point. OF COURSE I WANT SOMEONE TO BE THERE FOR ME. TRUSTWORTHINESS IS NOT A GIFT IT IS A CHOICE. OF COURSE I WISH THERE WAS SOMEONE WHO WOULD CHOOSE TO BE TRUSTWORTHY ENOUGH FOR ME TO TALK TO FREELY. She then said the most horrendous thing, that I didn't even realize was awful until I really thought about it. She basically said that wishing for someone to be there for you, to return your goodwill, was SELFISH..... WHAT?! Wishing to have someone there for you is NOT SELFISH. She even said that God told her so... GOD WOULD NOT SAY THAT. She kept saying that I needed to be alone and talk to God. I have already done this, and I told her that. Guess what? He didn't say feeling alone and wishing someone was there for you is SELFISH. NO. The message I got at that time was that it is normal to feel alone. But I AM ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU! GOD IS ALWAYS THERE! THERE IS NO WAY GOD WOULD TELL SOMEONE THAT WISHING SOMEONE COULD BE THERE FOR YOU AND RETURN YOUR TRUST IS SELFISH. God understands our loneliness. Even one of the things Jesus said on the cross was "Father why have you forsaken me". God knows that we feel alone, and it is NEVER selfish to wish someone was there for you. God is there for you! That is something I realized a while ago. I understood God's message loud and clear. Having someone tell me that it is selfish to want someone there for you, and tell me that I need to talk to God really ticks me off. I trust God because he is perfect. You can not place your entire trust on imperfect people. I set lower expectations for people, that way when they exceed them I am pleasantly surprised. You can't ever put your full faith in Humans. It will only leave you hurt. I don't even understand how someone could come to the conclusion that it is selfish to want someone there for you. Have an ok day.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Are utterly fascinating when they befriend other species of animals.

That one's kind of cool because I'm year of the dog and my best friend is year of the monkey. It's even cooler when animals that are supposed natural enemies get along. My dog and my cat will sleep together on the couch. Also when I had rabbits my cat would sleep with them and they would cuddle together. According to Watership down that should have ended badly but they always got along. These videos also astonish me.

And then the story on this one is that once upon a time in a Japanese zoo they ran out of frozen mice to feed the snakes. So they tried feeding a live hamster to one of their rat snakes. He refused to eat it and has not hissed at it or bitten it since it came to be in the cage. The snake even lets the hamster sleep on him. So now the snake only eats frozen mice, and him and the hamster live together.

Animals are amazing. Have an ok day.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


I've been remembering a lot of my dreams lately... which is weird because I usually only remember them once in a blue moon. My most recent one involved every character in the Marvel and D.C universes. I was also actually in that dream, instead of just being a casual observer. I had telepathy I do believe. Actually it was kind of an awesome dream. It was pretty much a massive fight between all the heroes and all the villains, and who doesn't like epic fights?Well anyway to the address the title of this blog, I am going to talk about phobias. I myself have Aichmophobia, which is a fear of sharp things. I can't just say I'm scared of needles because I get the same heart stopping butterflies if some one is just waving a knife around. A funny thing I discovered is that more people surveyed are scared of spiders than death. That's right. Spiders are scarier than death. I myself do not fear animals. I actually love all animals except one. The one animal I hate is the mosquito. Why? Because they love me. Seriously, if I am in a crowd of people, the mosquito would ignore everyone else and bite me. Back to the phobias anyway. I never understood why people feared the dark. I love the dark. Night is my favorite time in the 24 hour period we call a day. Once when I was in a church with my Mom, the Preacher began talking about how scary the dark is. In order to demonstrate they shut off the lights for a minute. Several people gasped which really just baffled me, as I was already feeling more relaxed. I guess I could say I have a slight fear of crowds too. I get exceedingly nervous in large crowds of people. Actually on a lighter note, I was surprised at how calm I was at the anime convention I went to. Perhaps it was because I knew all the people there were just as nerdy as I was. Anyway as we sat in the dark in the church, all I could think was how much nicer it was without blinding lights in my face. I simply can not understand people's fear of the dark. It's perfectly beautiful to me. In fact I think my feelings about the night are perfectly summarized in this song.

Not really interested in the love story or anything... I just like the song from about 1:00 in because that's what night is to me. It's beautiful, quiet, soft, and there usually aren't a lot of people around to screw it up. It is also a good time to imagine stuff, or even just think. Turn your face away from the garish light of day is probably one of my favorite lines. Why do people fear the dark? Is it just because it's harder to see? I think things look much prettier under moonlight. Oh well just another thing about people I can't understand I guess... have an ok day.