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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Where oh where

Can intriguing times be? I now kind of want to run around taking random pictures of people and things. I also like to wonder about things when I am bored. Like, how is World War 3 going to play out? I bet it'll start over something really stupid.

Friday, February 25, 2011

High octane nightmare fuel

These are the DvD menus to two Anime movies know as the Evangelion, death and rebirth, and End of Evangelion. This menu is SCARY. The whole series of Neon Genesis Evangelion is freaky actually.

The menu says You have no image of self, Hates you, and questions your existence. Be afraid.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's 5

Jake blinked in confusion and utter shock. He had been apparently half right. The creature was a girl, but she had thick black claws extending from her fingers, a column of black foot long spines protruding from her back, and clawed monstrous feet. She was drenched in blood, running down her body in rivulets. Her face was obscured by long hair that might have been brown, but Jake couldn't tell due to the blood. She was almost entirely naked except for a few metal plates that looked like they had been screwed in, straight through the skin into the bone with broken wires that trailed out from them. She stood there slightly wavering on the spot, having the appearance of looking down, but Jake could tell she was looking at him. She was very small, shorter than he was, but those claws looked like they could inflict an awful lot of damage. He stood there staring at her wondering what the heck he should do, when suddenly she took a step forward. Jake flinched and considered running down the hall, but reconsidered when he glanced behind and saw a dead end. She slowly approached him until she was right in front of him. She lifted her hand and it seemed as if she were going to touch him, when someone shouted "Freeze!" Another figure came out of the darkened hallway, only this time it was Mark. The 'girl' swung around quickly, almost impaling Jake on the spikes on her back, and braced her claws. Mark spotted who was behind her and shouted "Rookie?! Why are you here?" Jake just shook his head, as he backed up away from the spines in his face. The girl charged towards Mark, and he shot at her. He got off three shots before she reached him. The first shot ricocheted off one of her spines, the second grazed her arm, and the third missed her entirely and almost hit Jake. She reached out with her claws and with a quick downward slash, cut through his throat. He fell to the ground and the girl stopped to stare. Jake kept backing down the hall until he his back hit the dead end, then suddenly the wall gave way behind him. The last thing he remembered was hitting his head on something, and the girl staring down at him, before his mind faded to darkness

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I will

Post the next chap. of my story tomorrow. I had to go home early because I almost threw up on a judge. There was a judge visiting my history class and talking about juvenile and adult courts. I was struck by nausea all of a sudden. I am quite a bit better now though. That will be a great story to take out of context in the future.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Couldn't go to school today because my head cold suddenly worsened last night and I was unable to sleep or hear out of one of my ears. I've got such a headache now. Anyway I decided on my favorite speech in a movie. It's this one from judgement at Nuremberg. The true story of the judging of several Nazi judges for distorting law. The trial keeps going until one of the Nazi judges, Ernst Janning, stands up and gives this speech.

Amazing, there you go, why the people of Germany were also to blame. Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.

Monday, February 21, 2011

we have located page 4!

Here you go!

As Jake walked away, suddenly the banging started up again, and a lot louder than last time. Jake swiveled around to face the door and found that it now had huge indents in it. Seemingly out of nowhere an alarm sounded, and the light in the hallway flashed red. Another three security guards Jake didn't know ran past him shouting "Out of the way rookie!"

and "Clear the area!"

Jake stared as one security guard touched a number pad next to the metal door. He shook his head and shouted "No good! We'll have to hold her until backup comes!" The other two nodded and drew their pistols. Jake wondered for a split second why he didn't have a gun, until the door started getting banged on again. Jake backed up further down the hallway as the door shook violently.. Suddenly the door flew off its hinges and flew down the hallway, clipping one of the security guards arms and tearing a large gash in it. Jake had to jump out of the way and plaster himself against the wall to avoid it. It clanged loudly to a stop at the end of the hall.

"Holy Shit" Jake said under his breath, he snapped his head around quickly to look at the now open doorway. The security guards were backing away
looking nervous. Suddenly a black smoke poured from the room and quickly engulfed the hallway. Jake held his breath as the darkness set in. The blackness was only interrupted by the flashing of the red light in the hall. Jake accidentally breathed some of the smoke in, and found that it didn't hurt. He hoped it wasn't some sort of painless poison as he went back to breathing normally. The air was then torn by screams and shouts of pain, presumably from the security guards. Jake found his way to the wall and edged along it until he was in hallway that wasn't so dark. He heard a guttural growl from behind him, and he turned around to face the unknown creature.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

3 coming in.

Next chapter time!

2 hours later Jake was standing in front of a thick metal door that had been covered in locks, chains, and metal bars. Mark had told him that inside was an important experiment and all the extra protection was to keep thieves out. Jake had initially believed him but now he wasn't so sure. After about an hour of standing and listening to silence, a rather horrible banging started from behind the door. The banging turned into scraping, and continued for about 30 minutes and faded into silence. Jake's thoughts on the matter were basically assuming it was some sort of monster or robot until the silence was broken by a loud scream. Jake jumped about foot in the air, and the scream continued. It sounded almost unearthly, but as it lowered Jake could tell it was a woman's scream. He stared at the door as the scream faded utterly horror struck. "They're testing on people down here?" He said under his breath. There was another exceedingly loud bang, which Jake flinched at, a smaller scream that seemed to be out of desperation, and then silence. "She's got to be suffering, what are they doing to her?" Jake thought as he took a step forward. He went up and pushed his ear to the door. At first he was met with silence, but when he strained his ears he could hear a girl sobbing. He stepped back from the door wondering what he should do. He could try to get the girl out and probably lose his job, he could get the girl out only to discover it wasn't a girl at all, just a monster that kills him, or he could sit in front of the door and do nothing. Jake almost cursed his mother for not even being able to consider that third option. He swore under his breath, and began to walk down the hallway to look for something that he could use to open the door.

Poor Jake and his chivalry issues. Have an ok day.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Is when I'll post the next chapter. Just watched a movie called A.I which was... rather depressing and pointless. It was basically a shoot the shaggy dog story. If you don't know what that is here you go.

Once upon a time, a man decided to climb a mountain. He took a nasty fall, badly bruising himself, and landed in the woods next to a very shaggy dog. Despite his injuries, he limped back to his house, where he left the dog, then to the nearest hospital, where he got some x-rays. When he got home, the dog looked hungry, so he made a steak just for the dog, and turned on the television. He was just about to call the pound when he heard that a wealthy couple, on vacation in the vicinity, had lost a very shaggy dog, and were offering a very large sum for his return. He bought a plane ticket, but fell short on funds. Being a thrifty man, never wanting to live in debt, he sold a chair from his house to pay for the ticket. When he got on the plane, he found that he couldn't take the dog without preparations; the airline, however, was willing to transfer his ticket for a nominal fee. He was forced to pay this fee, and the veterinarian's bills, with a credit card, which irked him even though he knew the reward would offset it. Then he flew to the city in question, but since he was only twenty-four, had to walk ten miles through the woods, going in the general direction of the manor. When he arrived, he found he had missed the front gate entirely. He walked directly up to the door with the dog and rang the bell… when he and the dog were shot dead by a guard.

That's it, the end. Feel like it was pointless? That's because it was. A shoot the shaggy dog story is pointless, and that's what A.I was. I think it was trying to make a statement about humanity, but it failed to achieve anything in the end. Oh well.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Next Page

The interior was just as dull as the outside. A large grey room with a metal staircase in the corner, a single elevator in the back, and a large white desk in the center with a laptop rested in the center. Behind this desk was sitting a strict looking brunette who looked around 30ish. She had her hair pulled back into a bun, and was wearing small square glasses that rested on the edge of her nose. She was dressed in a form fitting black suit, and was typing away quickly on the laptop. Jake stepped closer to the desk, but she didn't seem to notice. He coughed lightly and she looked up abruptly. Jake took a step back at the glare he was receiving. "Name?" She stated shortly.

"Ah uhm Jake Wells?" Jake replied nervously. She was rather imposing and Jake was pretty certain this was the secretary that had called him. She typed swiftly on the laptop, then looked back up.

"You are late." She said still glaring.

"I'm sorry It's just that My alarm clock broke, and the train had a delay and"

"Quiet." The secretary said abruptly cutting him off. "It doesn't matter. Take the elevator behind me and push B6. Your superior will be there to give you instruction on your position. His name is Mark Ferris."

"Ah well...Thanks..." Jake said heading towards the elevator. He pushed the button, and stepped inside.

"You are very welcome." The secretary said as the doors slid shut. Jake quickly pushed B6 and leaned against the back wall. He felt relieved for not being fired, but he still wondered what this job entailed, especially so as since the elevator was going down. He hoped it wasn't guarding chemicals or something really dangerous. They seemed kind of desperate for help. The elevator dinged as it slid to a halt and the doors opened. Jake had to blink several times. It was much brighter down here and the hall that stretched in front of him looked like a stereotypical laboratory hallway. Like something you would see in the movies. Jake stepped out of the elevator, and as he did so a man in a white labcoat and white suit came around the corner and strode towards the elevator. The guy was taller than him with light brown hair, round glasses, and a stern looking face.

"What is up with the people in this place?"

Jake thought as the man passed him without even a glance and stepped into the elevator. Jake stepped forward into the hallway which went in two directions. Just as Jake was pondering whether to go left or right, another man came down the hallway. A tall man,perhaps about 6 foot 2 inches, with dirty blond hair, grey eyes, and oddly long nails. He was wearing a black suit and a fancy cap on his head, along with a name tag that read Mark Ferris. He strolled up to Jake and said" You must be the new guy right?" Jake nodded quickly still staring at the guys nails. "Alright follow me I'll fill you in while we walk" He turned abruptly and strolled off down the hallway. Jake hurried to catch up and Mark started to give him the details of the Lab. "This is Turningway Laboratories, An experimental lab opened in 2014 by A Mr. James Turningway. The lab is used primarily for weapons and chemical experimentation. Usually we don't need that many security guards, but recently there have been a few break-ins and we need extra night guards. There are a few rules to follow as well. Don't speak to the scientists, don't speak of what you may see to the outside public, Don't attempt to sneak looks at experiments, and don't disobey direct orders. Here are the agreement forms." He handed Jake a pen and a form from his coat pocket and kept walking. Jake took them and struggled as he attempted to sign the form whilst walking."No smoking on duty, No drinking, No bringing in girlfriends, No laughing, and No sleeping. Have you got all that?" Mark said stopping suddenly in front of a wooden door and turning to face Jake.

"Yes sir!" Jake replied. The job didn't sound too bad compared to the last lab he had worked in. One of the rules there had been no dying.

"The uniforms are in there" Mark said gesturing towards the wooden door. "Just find one that fits and get back out here."

"Yes Sir." Jake said stepping into the door. It just seemed like this job might work out after all.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Story time!

I'm going to post one of my stories on here in segments. It's action/romance/comedy/suspense. I wonder how many slashes I can add to that? Anyway here's the first bit.

Jake yelped loudly when he glanced at his watch. A woman standing nearby looked at him oddly but that didn't matter. What did matter was that he was late for work, on his first day. He tapped his foot impatiently wishing there was some way to hurry subway systems up. His train had been delayed and had just now started to speed towards his intended location. It didn't seem to matter that it was 2036, the transit system always had issues, no matter how many times the mayor might announce a fancy upgrade to it. New York may have changed some of its buildings, but it was still pretty much the same.

Jake Wells was a clumsy Security guard with an optimistic attitude, a nonexistant temper, and an old fashioned sense of gallantry engrained into him by his mother. 23 years old, messy dark brown hair, with light green eyes, and standing at five feet nine inches, Jake had never considered himself more than average. He seemingly had no luck with money, women, or work. He had been having issues finding a job up until lately, which is why he was hoping he wasn't fired for being late on the first day. He thought back to his interview, well if you could call being told to come in an interview. It had been surprisingly easy to get the job, maybe this meant he should be suspicious but he really couldn't bring himself to care after being unemployed for 4 months. He had only replied to a want ad that mentioned needing a security guard for some laboratory by sending in his past work experience. 24 hours later he had gotten a brief phone call from an irritated sounding secretary who told him he had gotten the job, gave him directions, and then swiftly hung up.

The train finally arrived at the third station and Jake bolted out the doors as soon as they opened. He pulled out the paper he had written the directions to the lab on as he ran up the subway's exit stairs. He saw that he shouldn't be more than 3 minutes away, it was just down the street. He nearly bumped into about 17 people as he ran down the street and finally stopped in front of a plain white building. "This should be the place." He thought staring down at the directions. The building was wholly unremarkable. A simple rectangular concrete office building with 8 stories, a pair of glass double doors in the front, and dull rows of windows with all of the blinds shut. Jake Wells swallowed, nervously stepped up to the glass double doors, and pushed one slowly open.

Hope you like it so far!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

College inflow

Arghh I wish colleges would stop sending me letters to ask me to take a look at them. I've got too many.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's day

YES! I DID IT. If you're wondering what I'll tell you. Each year my school has this thing for Valentine's day where you can send people anonymous singing grams or roses. Last year I got two anonymous roses. I went insane trying to figure out who the fruck sent me them. I never did figure that out. But this year I got nothing. I am so relieved. I don't know if it's weird but I am glad I didn't get anything on Valentine's day. One less thing to worry about I guess. I don't really have time for awkward romance or a boyfriend this year. Too much schoolwork. I also found this hilarious song. The video got it wrong it's by thoushaltnot not voltaire.

Happy singles awareness day.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I figured out why I like the Pianist so much! The main character says things that I would say. Here's an example.
Okay so the main character and his family are in the Warsaw Ghetto, and the main character's brother is upset about the people who live richly in the ghetto by smuggling things inside while others around them are dying. The main character plays piano in a restaurant where those sorts of people go to eat so he can make money. They have a conversation that goes a bit like this.
MC=Main character

MC's brother- Look at that stupid tie of yours.
MC-My tie? Why are you mentioning my tie? What does my tie have to do with anything? I need my tie for my work.
brother-right work
MC-Yes that's right I work.
brother-Playing piano for those parasites
brother-Yes Parasites they don't even notice what's going on around them. People dying in the streets.
MC-And you blame me for their apathy.
brother-That's right!
MC's Father- I blame the Americans.
MC- For What?! For my tie?

Lol I don't know why but that seems like something I would say.

Also I don't like mondays is a great reason.

That's about a real girl who shot up her school and gave "I don't like Mondays" as her reason.
Have an ok day.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Another amazing composition from my favorite composer Arvo Part.


Poem Time!

What lies beyond the blanket of night?
We can not ever truly understand
A place where everything is set right
Where is this safe untainted land?

To stare into the unending dark
We can see the truth and the lies
We are so close to our final ark
But yet so far from being wise

A light is there just beyond your sight
You reach out for it to keep
But can you keep it grasped with all your might?
You can never fall too deep

There is A hope to which we all hold
A ship amongst an endless storm
Endless tales of danger told
Ending with cheer to keep us warm.

Have an ok day.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Life is still going on. I'm still tired of school and the days keep rolling by. Had a food day in digital design today, ate chili, beef, lemon squares(sort of), crepes, and washed it down with lemonade. I love digital design. Had Drama club today. One of my friends is a mormon and I was talking to her about religious stuff. I told her the only reason I can't believe Jesus went to visit the Indians, is because I get this really funny mental image of Jesus being shot at with arrows, and being chased by like a hundred Indians. That made her laugh. I like making people laugh. It's a nice little goal I aspire to whenever I meet some one is to make them laugh. I also found the weirdest anime of all time. Watch this scene It's really weird and funny.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Whisper Wednesday

Shhhhh. We must be very quiet so we do not disturb Cthulhu. He is one of H.P Lovecraft's Elder gods in his mythos he created. Cthulhu is one of the scarier ones because he is said to drive anyone who gets near him stark raving mad.Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

School days

Is an Anime that you NEVER EVER want to see. Besides that I got the day off from school today. It's funny how all my snow days end up being in September. Breaking monotony is fun. Discovered a really good anime called Baccano. It's a bit gory and confusing at first, but it all ties together in a really cool way. My Mom and Dad were arguing like two days back about how the collape of America is going to take place. My Mom thinks it's going to happen slowly at first and such. My Dad thinks it'll happen overnight, and everyone's going to panic in the streets and become cannibals! I don't care because whenever it happens I'll be in Canada. The Canadian border is the world's longest ungaurded border, and nothing ever happens in Canada. Their national flower is a maple leaf...what? Ooooohhhhh Caaanaadaaa, your drugs are cheaper than ours are!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Nan desu Kan set

I'm going to Nan Desu Kan again this year! My Mom bought the tickets and stuff. I can't wait till September. I went around the Internet and found pictures people took last year. It's really quite a lot of fun.

Have an ok day.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to me

I'm 17 now. Another year closer to death as I always say.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Almost Birthday...

It's my birthday tomorrow. Hopefully the snow won't get to bad for my friends not to come over. It probably will though *sigh*. I have this song stuck in my head now.

have an ok day.

Friday, February 4, 2011


I've been really irritated today. I'm not sure why. I mean I had a dumb argument(really dumb, because he decided to get on my case about cereal) with my dad in the morning. But the irritation soon faded through first period, but by third it was back. I'm not sure what triggered it, but I just really feel like strangling some one. People are so irritating! You know what? Maybe that's what triggered it. People being really cheery. I get irked by people easily, and them being really cheery just irritates me more. Especially when they're my lab partners, and they're talking while I do the work. Or when they're condescending chemistry teaches. Or annoying overshadowing student deans(who apparently have nothing better to do than shadow the table I'm sitting at, talking to the people sitting there, while standing right next to me.) Or maybe it was the discussion we had in English class about banning books where one girl said violent books made her brother violent. I don't believe in that at all. You make your own decisions. I play lots of first person shooting games, and have read books about death and violence, but never have I gotten the urge to murder anyone or commit crimes. I just really want to smack someone. I listen to this song when I'm feeling this ticked.

Have an ok day.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


It's my 100th post! Boy life doesn't change a lot does it? I'm working on an anime music video for Nan Desu Kan. They have contests and I want to enter one. It's a couples thing with the song for the first time by the Script. I'm proud of the first minute and 28 seconds I've finished. I decided to post a list of the only Animes I like. There relatively aren't many seeing as how there are hundreds of Animes out there. These are only some I'll post the rest tommarow.

Karin Chibi Vampire
An anime About a vampire who makes blood. When she bites people she's injecting them. It's also an awkward romance story.

Fruits Basket
A story of a family who is cursed by the Chinese Zodiac. Whenever they're hugged by a member of the opposite gender they turn into their respective animal. It gets even more complicated when a well meaning and naive girl named Tohru finds out about the family secret.

A non-typical harem anime about these girls called Sekirei with abnormal powers. They were all designed to fight eachother. Then an average nobody gets dragged into the fight by being a Sekirei's chosen one. Basically the person from whence they draw their powers.

An anime about an alien race who were originally slaves land on earth. One 'defective' one escapes by mistake and decides to call some random buy her master. He doesn't like the idea at all.

An anime set in the not to distant future where there are human shaped computers known as persocoms. One broke student stumbles across one in the trash and takes it home.And it turns out that she's not your average persocom.

Black butler in English. An anime about a young boy named Ciel with a dark past. He's made a deal with a demon in order to get revenge on whomever killed his parents. The demon serves him as his butler until the task is fufilled, upon that event he will devour his soul.

Kimi no Todoke
A cute anime about an extremely shy girl who is seen as scary by her classmates due to her resemblance to the ring girl. She slowly learns to open up and finds friends, and also love.

Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu
An anime about a boy who discovers that the perfect girl at his school likes anime and manga. He agrees to keep her secret, and the rest is basically a cutesy love story with a lot of laughs.

A one of a kind vampire anime about a vampire named Alucard that works for an organization called Hellsing. Alucard is basically invincible and loves a good fight. He turns a police girl named Seras Victoria and we see a lot of the story from her view and hear her ideas as she copes with her existance as a vampire.

Yeah rest tommorow. Have an ok day.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Don't try to fix me

I'm not broken. Since the beginning of my high school days there have been 3 people who have tried to 'fix' me. I shall call them A, J, and D. A was the first one, she wrote me an entire paper on what I should change about myself, starting with 'I shouldn't repeat myself'. I sometimes forget what I've told people and say it again. So she basically just said 'fix' your short term memory loss issues. That led to me asking people if I had told them something before. She then told me to fix that. J tried to tell me I wasn't a 'good' Christian, and gave me his all knowing wisdom on the subject, like that I can't laugh if someone falls down the stairs in an idiotic fashion. Nope a 'good' Christian would never laugh at someone getting hurt. D just keeps telling me things I should and should not say, in a nice condescending tone. Normally I like to take advice and roll with it, but I can't do that here. Why? Because all of these people are MISERABLE. Why would I take advice from miserable people? So I can become miserable? All the people I know who are truly happy, never try to fix me like this. So what is it with these 3? Am I just....too happy? Am I not allowed to be happy with my flaws? These 3 are always trying to 'fix' themselves as well. But they don't seem to want to accept that they are human and thus will never be perfect. I wish they'd stop pushing their miserable ideals on me. Here is a song for them.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Where is the love?

Where's it at?

Yes I made this video, haven't been able to upload one in a long time. Was just inspired to put this up by the recent riots and such in Egypt. Have an ok day