Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Time out

School is so monotonous. I just want high school to be done with. Anyway I found a new random video series that I like called IMG on youtube. You just type in IMG episode 1 in the search bar to enjoy randomness. Had the best moment ever with a girl I hate in school a few days ago. This chick is snobbish and bitchy to the last degree. Hatred started during a college trip where she sang in obnoxiously high pitched tones all the way there and back, and when we were there she bitched about visiting the department I was interested in visiting, and then made snobby comments about passerby like "Look at her ridiculous hair" or "She's so ugly". Anyway, during art class she turns around and says to me "Could you keep your voice down, my friend is trying to read." Note: I was being no louder than she and her friends, or you know, everyone else in the room. Also she said in the most condescending tone you can imagine. I stared at her and said "Why is she reading in art class?" She didn't have a reply to that one so she just repeated "well could you just keep your voice down?" I was starting to get a little peeved, so I just cocked my head slightly, smiled, and said "nope!" cheerily. She squinted at me and turned around. After this I laughed at something one of my friends said and she goes "argh that laugh" I laughed again...only louder. Ah she's such a snob, she hates me as well, but I don't really care. Really I just consider her a bitch that's fun to pick at when she gets irritated at me.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Prussia Cosplay

Well only 7 more days until Nan Desu Kan. I am pumped and I've got my cosplay almost finished. I only need an Iron cross and to flatten my chest with bandaging( since I am cosplaying a guy). I am going as Prussia, also known as Gilbert Bielschmidt, the most awesome man in the universe. Here he is...

                                                                    And here I am!

It's coming along well niyoniyoniyoni~