Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pairing Poems

I'm a fan of this Series called Hetalia.
This series turns every country in the world into a person.
They each represent the nation.
Right now I'm taking Part in the Christmas event, meaning the creator of Hetalia makes updates every couple of hours while fans gather and spazz about their favourite characters.
During this event I wanted to stretch my poetry skills. So I asked people for their favourite pairings. And I made poems for each request, 22 so far.

SpainxSouthern Italy

Why is it So damn hard to say what I mean
This Bastard is driving me crazy
He smiles at me, but I can't seem to glean
What the hell he could like about someone like me

I curse at him, fight him, give him no respect
and no matter what he always comes back
I'm just not used to someone calling me perfect
Argh, Ti Amo you Bastard, There's nothing you lack

In my eyes he's perfect, he tries very hard
continuously comparing himself to his brother
He is always keeping up his guard
And for me there really could be no other

I know that he fights me because he's afraid
He's nervous of what will happen if he opens up his heart
But I will protect him, by his side I have stayed
Te Amo Lovino, may we never be apart

Hong Kongx Iceland

From two very different places are we
and how he could like someone as quiet as I
I just don't understand why it's me
After all what do I offer but snide comments and sighs?

He's like no one I have ever met
Perhaps just a tad eccentric
But he cares about me
no matter how difficult I may be

He's quiet and not very emotional they say
But I know better I've seen a much deeper person inside
Like, I don't understand why he chooses to hide his ways
He is really quite something once you bother to try

An island nation up north with a fiery heart
He's beautiful inside once you get past the shy part
I like him alot and I suppose we'll see
If perhaps he feels the same way about me


He's really quite something I guess I must say
With Crossdressing, pink items, and ponies as his forte
He's sometimes hard to deal with, but I guess I must admit
That in actuality, I love him quite a bit

He's a little foolish, I guess that is true
but he's always around for me when I'm feeling Blue
He's funny, honest, and not afraid to say what he means
And for me, he was always, just what I need

Like, He's a little straightlaced, that totally is true
But he's always taking care of me when I'm down or get the flu
He can sometimes be a downer, and a little shyer than the norms
But if we were to be married, I'd totally sign the forms

Cus he really is always sticking up for me
Watching my back, and talking to strangers when I flee
He always makes me feel right at home
I love ya Lithy, together shall we roam!


That Stupid bloody git, he's always giving me trouble
Barging into my home and demanding things of me
But lately I find I haven't been resisting his whims he seems to pull out of a hat
Even enjoying his company at times, What the hell's up with that

I've caught myself staring, I don't know how many times
At him and just thinking about how he has grown
I won't say it yet, but I think I know what it might be
My heart's thumping now, bloody hell just leave me alone

He's such a downer always cramping my style
But then why do I for him keep going the extra mile?
There's other places I could be instead of hanging at his house
But I guess in reality, I just want him to be around

My heart races faster when I look at his eyes
Or when I see that cute blush, when he quickly looks away
I'm not really sure what this is guys
But for the moment around him I'll stay


He's such an idiot, always running around claiming how awesome he is
A egotistacal jerk and a complete Narccissist
But at times I catch myself thinking about how awkward he actually is around girls
And how when I was injured, he threw me his coat, not even waiting for more conversation to unfurl

And at time, at times, I catch myself thinking
That he really could be chivalrous despite all the drinking
Or sometimes the ridiculous notion will cross my head
That he's actually quite lovable instead

She's a witch that wields a frying pan
Tempermental to every last degree
But sometimes I catch my Awesome self wishing she'd be nice to me
Then I'll shake it off as best as I can

I'm too awesome to fall in love
That was always for the weak
The fact that I watch her when she leaves means nothing at all
It wasn't for very long I swear, just one last peek


Oh God she's beautiful but she'll never see past her brother
I wish she could understand how much it pains me to see her feeling so down
So rejected and crying after he has fled from her once again, or run off with another
I would do anything to lift her spirits, and to unburden that frown

She really has only ever tried her best
Hoping to get by, struggling through life's every test
I love her so much and although it hurts
I'll be by her side even if my feelings are never returned

He is such a fool always chasing me around
Doesn't he know that I want My Brother's wedding vows?
But at times I do think, that he cares too much
Why is he so insistent on cheering me up?

At times when I have...weakened, even fallen down
He offers me a tissue and simply asks me out
Is he really such a moron, can he not truly comprehend?
But perhaps it is merely because...he's starting to grow on me instead?


He's always barging in, and demanding I make him stuff
Sometimes I feel like yelling "Just leave me be!"
But although he can be obnoxious at times, and his speech is rather rough
He notices me no matter what, and is always kind to me.

He's always coming over, just because he wants to spend time together
He even visited on my birthday when I was all alone
He's egotistical, manic, eccentric, but there's no one I'd rather
Spend all my time with, or talk to in slightly hushed tones

He's abosolutely adorable, At least that's what I'd say if I wasn't so manly and definitely not gay
It's not like I admire his agressive streak in hockey, and his enthusiasm for the sport
And it's not like I'm always hanging on every word that he'll say
and I definitely don't like hanging out with him and building snow forts

It's not like I constantly stare at his eyes
I was just shielding my awesome gaze from the sunrise
Ah Hell these crappy excuses just can't hide it
Ich Liebe Dich Birdy, No use in Denyin' it


A quiet smile that I only just caught
A slight heartbeat raise that I don't understand
Oh Bloody Hell it's not what I thought
Friends though we started, Now I watch when he stands

It's always been hard for me to say what I mean
But I find myself falling deeper each day
His soft spoken tone, The emotions I glean
I think I...well...I love his every way

A short spoken reply, a blush when he turns away
He's quite easy to read, and I hope I am right
When assuming that he hangs onto every word that I say
And All the time, thinking about it, I lie awake at night

He has a round about way of showing his feelings
As do i so we both have some difficulty getting it out in the open
The small acts of kindness often send my mind reeling
And I'll tell him i love him... I just don't know when


He's such a stupid fool
Loud obnoxious and rude
Always hanging around me and never getting it through his thick head
That My comments are sarcastic, and that I'm not easily led

But somehow no matter how hard I try, he always sees right through me
He knows when I'm feeling down, no matter how much I usually frown
He can read me like an open book, even when others say I'm emotionless
So I guess that I'll just admit it to myself, I love the idiot, more than would know he

He's a quiet sort, often beating Me down
Constantly insulting me and making fun of my intelligence
I don't think he knows, but I do understand
when he's being sarcastic about me making sense

I have watched him over the years
learned to read every tone
So that way he would never have to feel alone
I love him and I will always be around to quiet your fears


Ohonhon I am known as the country of love
I have spread it around the whole world and above
But something that I can seem to understand
Is how someone like me could fall in love with one man

He's a little loud and unrefined, Oui
But underneath he has got a soft heart that I see
He really loves cute things as hard as that would be to guess
Out of all my past lovers, I like him the best

I really am awesome, no one can protest
But how did my awesome-self fall for a friend? one of my best!
He and I have been through quite a lot, in friendship and in war
I must admit that at first I was a little Torn

Love was for the Weak I cried so adamantly
But I guess now that I'm in it, I really can see
How difficult it is and how strong you have to be
This is weird, but I guess I'll have to say Ich liebe Dich


I am really quiet and I often hate me
But when she comes around my heart feels so free
She's pretty,and caring, always trying her best
And she sees me for me unlike all the rest

She is always around to help me when I feel down
Supporting me and talking to me when all I've got's a frown
It's impossible for me not to smile when I'm with her
I love you Katyusha, I hope we're always together

He was so silent the first time I met him
But the more time we spend together the more I realize He's got another side
He has so many thoughts, I never tire of listening, his words flow lighter than hymnss
A small smile when we I come around, a beautiful soul with a heart open wide

I have always been crying, alone, weak, and afraid
unable to face up to the choices I have made
But when he is there, I am calm, I have strength
I love you too Matvey May we be together at length

Love for one's Country, that I have, but I never knew
That you could fall for it's representative too
The first time i met him I was so surprised
I wasn't expecting the bright Crimson eyes

He's quite eccentric, and a bit foolish too
but he's a genius at tactics and pulling us through
He's not just a country a body of land
He has hopes and dreams, and by him I'll stand

He's my newest Leader The best i have had
He's Amazing, brilliant, as awesome as me
Thinking about him as a human though makes me sad
I don't know about when he's.....gone how I'll be

I like everything about him
From his plans to his skills
I love you dear Fritz
Please don't leave me just yet

GermayxNorthern Italy

He is so ridiculous, A poor soldier, and lazy
Sometimes I think that he's driving me crazy
But even though he gives me headaches Why do I find
That no matter how long he's around me I really don't mind?

He's always trying to cheer me up or help me out
And no matter how hard I try I catch myself thinking He's cute
I want to protect him and keep him from all harm
I-Ich Liebe Dich Feli, Your heart keeps mine warm

He's a little stern and cold seeming at times
But I can tell he really cares when his hand encompasses mine
He's always looking out for me, and trying to keep me at my best
I never thought I'd find love again after my first love left

I find it so wonderful when he worries for me
My heart races fast, and I'll always be
Wondering how much it is possible to care for someone
Ti Amo Ludwig, My heart's battle is won


He's a lot calmer than one would expect
for a nation who's been through wars, violence, and neglect
He keeps an eye on me and together we have been
throughout all this time, through losses and wins

Even under Russia's rule we stuck together
Though differences we have, essentially we're birds of a feather
He's a bit nervous, but he's got my respect
I like him alot, we truly connect

He's a bit full of himself and a bit gothic
But He's really grown on me after so long
Just one feature about him is quite hard to pick
And after having been together for all this time, In my eyes he can do no wrong

He's got quite a bit of strength for someone who has seen so much
And he's always supporting me when I'm in a pinch
I actually Love him but there is no Rush
I'm fine with just sticking at his side with a wish

PrussiaxN. Italy

Mein Gott he's adorable, honest, and nice
I have never met anyone like him
The awesome me doesn't like to admit it, but I need some advice
I just don't know how to tell him

How to tell him my heart races when he looks at me
Or how sad I sometimes feel when I see him with my brother
How he's almost perfect, and how I wish he were with me
I don't think I could stand it if he went with another

He sort of scared me the first time we met
But now that I know him more I almost regret
Not spending more time with him, just getting to know him
Even if that would involve getting swept away in his whims

He's got another side to him as far as I can see
And I've seen him smile when he looks at me
Ve, I'm not quite sure how to go about it
But I want to learn more about him, and a new light has been lit


I don't understand how he can be so laid back
He tries to call himself a big brother, and he's the eldest of us at that!
He confuses me with his simple acceptence of things
I guess I admire it as well, But no praises I'll sing

But I guess I do quite often think of him
I always say no, but he keeps trying to get me to go along with his whims
He does try very hard though, and I suppose it's true
I can't say that I don't care about him too

I don't know how he grew up to be so stern
Worrying about life and how things will turn
I find myself wishing I could help him relax
I know about worry, and how much one's mind it can Tax

He is always prepared for the worst
you'd swear from how he acts that his life had been cursed
Although he rejcts me I will keep coming back
I care about him, and that is that aru


Oui it is true that in the past I have spread my love to all
But now I believe I have found someone, and he has put up a wall
I wish I knew someway that I could reach his heart
We have always been fighting, and thus always apart

I know that I make fun of him, but I only mean to tease
It's hard to accept feelings for a former enemy
I'll ever be pursuing him, though it might be for naught
Je t'aime Angletterre Actually quite a lot

He's a bloody frog, a wino, and a Jerk
I would do anything to wipe off that smirk
but lately he's been acting very different
and I'll admit that I didn't get what he meant

He said that his feelings had changed towards me
and that he'd begin pursuing me freely
I don't understand why I blushed but I just said
"Do you Worst Frog, I'd like to see you try"


It was quite a start this relationship of ours
I saw that he was feeling down so I asked him to come with me
I got to know so much about him in just those few hours
He's such an amazing nation, I don't see how people can't see

He's got an amazing sense of humour
A chilvalrous character, and a big heart to boot
He's loyal to family, always trying to be a good brother
I'm glad I met him, and got this story Afoot

He's one of History's few that's as Awesome as me
When I was feeling Alone, He invited me to the party
He's like no one else I have ever met
Both he and I like to make quite the entrance

He's always around for me now when I'm down
annd it feels good to be not alone
Perhaps it'll sound as cheesy as hell
but wherever he's at I am home


I have always been alone up in the north
Dreaming of sunflowers, freedom and warmth
I would have never thought that my dreams would expand
Finding someone like him in the very next land

He seems so frail at times but I know
He's older and stronger than he often shows
He brings a light to my heart, though it falls out of place
and perhaps in this life he can be my saving Grace

He's Scary aru, but I have also seen
another side to him, that had always been
He really only wants a warm southern place
With a field of sunflowers, and no day to day race

He's terribly gentle with those flowers in hand
It makes me smile how he hardly demands
I know he's not perfect but he really is shy
The sound of a soft Russian Lullaby


He's quiet but I like that about him
Life is hectic enough without too much shouting
He's cute and he's got a side unseen
He always tries to say just what he means

He's very gentle and careful with me
He really is sweet and I can see
That he really cares and tries to hide the slight blush
And at the end of the day we rest in a Hush

It's strange loving someone
I'm not used to this feeling
That I'd protect her, that she's the only one
Who can see who I am, or who gives me wings

I've been alone on my island for many a year
and when she is close I feel full of cheer
I'm not very good at showing it
But I love her more than I can bear


She was my little sister at least that's how I saw her
Or maybe something along the lines of a daughter
but recently I have begun to realize
That that's not how I truly see her through my eyes

I helped her get back up when she had collapsed
and now every day I feel quite relaxed
She is always so caring no matter what
How I found her I don't know, I blame good luck

My caring big brother, I'm almost sorry to say
That I really don't see you that way
I care for you much more than that
When I'm with you there's nothing I lack

You have watched me and protected me over the years
When I'm with you I truly have no fears
I hope that we will always be together
I'll always love you, forever and ever


She's an island nation that I used to own
beautiful in every way
I know she doesn't believe me when i say
I love her and just want to hold her close

I know that in the past I've gone after everyone
but for once I'm serious for this cause
I don't know how to make her realise I am serious
I will not rest until her heart is won

I love him, yes it's true
But I don't know if I can believe his words
He has been so two-faced in the past
How can I know that he means it now?

It hurts to not just accept his love
But I need him to prove his heart to me
When he has proved it my mind will fly above
all the burdens it has carried, and with him I will stay


  1. at least I know what you are doing up there. lol.

  2. This poem of Russia and China made me wanna cry :') I love my Russia from bottom of my heart. I'm from Finland and I founded this blog when I was watching hetalia picrures and I love your blog! <3 And you have same birthday than me, 6th February. Finally I founded my birthday sister :)